Girls in Panama

by Harrold Canyon

Liv is an amazing woman. After seeing her show a few times, you may be inclined to agree. It isn’t just how beautiful¬†she is, or how sexy her voice sounds. It isn’t even how deliciously kinky and hyper-sexual she is. She is the sweetest person I have personally ever met. She is charming and generous. She is funny as hell, and not the least bit conceited. In short, she is as close to perfect as a woman can be! (Now if only I can convince her to be a little more tidy…)

I frequently see people in Liv’s chat room say things like “I’m going to Panama!” and “I had no idea Panamanian women were so awesome!”. Well honestly… they’re not! Liv is not just any girl in Panama, or any place on Earth for that matter. She is special. You don’t find people like Liv growing on trees anywhere. She loves life, and she is not afraid to live it. And she is not going to let the cultural B.S. of Panama society get in her way. She has real courage, more than anyone I ever met. I mean this woman has BALLS! You might ask yourself… how many people do you know that really have the guts to grab life by the neck and live it their own way? I’ve known very few that managed to do it and stay honest, well, technically only one.

I’m not suggesting there aren’t any other extraordinary women here in Panama, although I don’t personally know them. They are by no means typical as far as women here go. The average woman in Panama is an average looking, closed-minded, beaten down and suppressed creature, afraid to break with the conformity of her conservative Catholic culture. Looking back on it, finding Liv when I did was a miracle.

I won’t attempt to put Liv in a beauty contest against her fellow Panamanians, except to say that she is a well above average specimen for any female here. She does do an extremely effective job hiding it sometimes when we go out in public, often opting to dress like a tomboy. However,¬†when Liv decides to show her feminine side in public, heads definitely do turn!

Panamanian women do not take care of themselves, and, for the most part, do not age well. They don’t eat well, and they do virtually no exercise. Liv, on the other hand, is health conscious, eating well, and exercising at the gym regularly. She doesn’t smoke, drink alcohol or sodas, or take drugs. She also has no interest in turning herself into a baby factory, which is the common goal of virtually every woman in Latin America.

I’ve come to Panama from 4,000 miles away to find the perfect woman, or at least the perfect woman for me. Looking back on it, it has to have been the craziest thing I’ve ever done. Probably very few men that took similar risks can report the same success that I had.